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Finalists announced for 2018 Trophées du Personnel des Courses et de l'Élevage

After many discussion sessions, the judges have made their selection of finalists for the third edition of the Trophées du Personnel des Courses et de l’Élevage.

This step precedes the final round of deliberations, which will include face-to-face interviews and the winners will then be announced, on the same day, at an awards ceremony hosted at ParisLongchamp Racecourse, on Saturday, 24 November, 2018.

The winners of each category are also all eligible for the overall prize of Employee of the Year (excluding the Newcomer Award).

France Galop and Godolphin are delighted to announce the three finalists in each category:

Rider/Groom Award: For those who have talent for horsemanship, consistency and reliability in and out of the saddle and/or have achieved something outstanding during the season either in an equine or personal capacity.

Aude DUPORTE (Employed by Gianluci BIETOLINI – Nominated by Laura DELL’ELCE).  

Aude got her riding license at the age of 16 and went pro at the age of 20. Dedicated, serious, involved and conscientious; Aude joined Bietolini’s stable almost four years ago and became part of the team very easily. She is a mainstay of the team and wears many caps, whether trackwork rider or jockey and has a great sense of organization for the smooth running of the yard in general. -  L. DELL’ELCE

Steevens POMPIERRE (Employed by Joséphine SOUDAN – Nominated by Joséphine SOUDAN).

I think Steevens deserves to be nominated because he is one of those rare passionate riders with patience and knowledge, he is also curious and always wants to learn and improve. His experience and his passion were an essential engine in the extension of my stable. - J. SOUDAN

Sébastien LAGRANGE (Employed by Freddy HEAD – Nominated by Régis BARBEDETTE). 

Sébastien has a special talent with horses and is an excellent rider. If we have a difficult horse in our stable, then Sébastien will end up riding it. He is an example for everyone and is reliable to lead a team and take horses to the races. Being able to give advice and get on all the tough horses, along with being hardworking and incredibly kind, he won the respect of the whole team. All our young staff listen to him and look up to him as a role model. - R. BARBEDETTE

Administration Award (racing/breeding): For those who work in an administrative role in the thoroughbred breeding and/or racing sector. He/she ensures the smooth running of the business, a key element for all racing and breeding operations. 

Ciara O’CONNOR (Employed by Haras de Montaigu – Nominated by Sybille GIBSON).

Ciara is loved by all the staff members and has been listening and supporting them since becoming the staff representative in 2017. She is also really appreciated by all of our customers of all nationalities. I can say that in 15 years of collaboration, I do not remember seeing her other than cool and calm. - S. GIBSON

Anne-Charlotte ANDRE (Employed by Ecurie des Monceaux – Nominated by Henri BOZO).

Anne-Charlotte is a very important part of the organization of the Monceaux stables. She shows a lot of enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the company and an immense professional conscience. She has allowed the Ecurie des Monceaux to develop the business with serenity and to ensure a lot of rigor in the health and commercial follow-up. She also has a decisive role in the cohesion of the team, carrying out her work with passion and friendliness. - H. BOZO

Christine DUTERTRE (Employed by Haras du Mezeray – Nominated by Charles Henri de MOUSSAC).

Starting in 1984, Christine has already spent 34 years of her professional life at Haras du Mezeray. Whatever the sector of activity, such a long collaboration is rare. Over the years, she has become a pillar of our company. Her professional involvement, her initiative, her open-mindedness, her versatility and the flexibility she has shown on certain occasions and the firmness she handles with discernment make her a collaborator endowed with broad skills and very valuable for the entrepreneur. Within the stud farm, Christine is responsible for the administrative and the commercial, areas in which the rigor and responsiveness she asserts every day to her position are paramount qualities. Thanks to her responsiveness, Christine faces the management of the unexpected with positivity and optimism and without ever departing from her good mood. - C.H. de MOUSSAC

Leadership Award (Racing/Breeding): For those who are in a managerial or supervisory role in charge of at least two people in a stud or stable, who have displayed leadership qualities – in terms of excellent people management, mentoring and support of staff, always keen on continuing improvement and displaying good business acumen.

Bruno DIEUAIDE (Employed by Ecurie des Monceaux – Nominated by Henri BOZO).

Bruno is the shadow worker who is happy to ensure the smooth running of the stud farm, with sometimes very tiring tasks (foaling, care of sick horses, guards, etc.). He doesn’t frequently experience the sales and racing side but ensures, with pleasure and awareness, the daily work at home - the foundations without which nothing is possible. Thanks to his presence throughout the year, I know that the stud is in good hands, that the mares will be in the best condition, that immense care will be taken in the best interest of the horses whatever the time. I know that each staff member will be respected, listened to and that the younger staff will be excellently taught the task requirements. - H. BOZO

Patrice DENIS (Employed by David SMAGA – Nominated by Monika KRCOVA).

Patrice has learned to manage a team, assist his boss, organize all of the work during his boss’ absence and knows how to do basic first aid when necessary. He quickly gained the trust of the whole team and brought his experience to apprentices. Patrice manages a daily team of between 15 and 20 people and has a great sense of understanding and organization, both in his work and in his dealings with colleagues. He always tries to find a reasonable balance, not forgetting that there are priorities for the good functioning of the team. He does not hesitate to give advice acquired from his experience, but he is just as attentive and wants to learn new things if necessary because he knows that, in this environment, we learn every day. - M. KRCOVA

Jean-François EUDES (Employed by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER – Nominated by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER). 

Jean-François immediately found his place in the team and took to his head lad role right away, working with a team of 16 to 18 people, the students of the AFASEC and horses (60 to 70). Versatile to my methods and my organization, he ensures the care and the daily supervision of the horses, ensures the quality of the work at the stable and the continuity of the training in my absence. A calm character, he listens to the team and can act as a relay between the staff members and myself. Punctual, available, he does not count his hours and favours a quality of work, both riding and in the stable, and I have total confidence in him. - T. DEMEAULTE XAVIER

Newcomer Award (Racing/Breeding): For employees with less than five years of experience in the industry. Motivated to succeed, the nominees have already started to progress in their career and have improved their knowledge and skills, becoming key members of the team within which they work.

Jordan TANCREDE (Employed by Ecurie des Monceaux – Nominated by Henri BOZO).

Jordan introduced himself with his parents when he was 14 years old and wanted to join the school of Vimoutiers. He knew nothing about the horse world but had a real passion for animals. Quickly, Jordan learned and progressed a lot and became a perfect fit for the team who were happy to train him. His confidence with animals allowed him to learn how to handle them very well and he then learned the sense of detail and the level of care required. Jordan is now one of the most important parts of the stud farm. He has been very involved in the team and his work and is recognized everywhere as an excellent technician, never in trouble with horses. - H. BOZO

Vincent HECTOR (Employed by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER – Nominated by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER):

Vincent’s dynamism, his desire to learn and his motivation immediately gained my respect, and with confidence I accepted him for an apprenticeship. While applying, Vincent expressed his desire to go on trips and become a travelling-lad. Taking advantage of the experience of the other members of the team, very receptive and open, he discovered the management and the travelling of racehorses, during transport (stud, veterinary, races) and during race meetings. Today, his seriousness allows him to travel alone, I do not hesitate to entrust him with this responsibility, and tomorrow why not, abroad. - T. DEMEAULTE XAVIER

Marie TRUBLET (Employed by chez Yann BARBEROT – Nominated by Laura DELAGE):

Marie is a very serious girl, very passionate and dedicated to her work. Despite her young age, she shows a certain maturity by assuming perfectly her responsibilities, since she seconded me brilliantly as a travelling lass! In addition to this very important role within the team, she has the confidence of my boss who employs her to race as an apprentice jockey. It is rare today to meet a 20-year-old as passionate and dedicated as Marie. - L. DELAGE

Dedication to Racing Award (Racing/Breeding): Open to travelling head staff, head people, yard support staff, stud managers, assistant trainers, head grooms, stud and racing grooms, office managers and administrative staff. For a member of the staff who has served a minimum of fifteen years in the industry. A key member of the team, they are willing to share their passion, experience, knowledge and time.

Mélody BAILLEUL (Employed by Madame BERNARD – Nominated by Madame BERNARD)

If I had to find an image to define the passion and self-sacrifice of our stable staff, it would be a picture of Melody. What motivates Melody and makes her an essential part of the team's success is her closeness to horses, her professionalism, her kindness and her dedication to horses and other stable staff. She is a person who deserves to be discovered. - Mme BERNARD

Philippe MEGARD (Employed by Jean-Claude ROUGET – Nominated by Sonia PUJOS).

Philippe is extremely professional and respectful of his colleagues and horses. He has spent 22 years at the stable, fully devoted to his work. Every year, during the Cagnes-sur-Mer and Deauville meetings, he is responsible for our staff and the horses, even in the absence of the boss who gave him total confidence to upgrade Philippe to be his assistant at the new Deauville stable. - S. PUJOS

Antony DAVID (Employed by Francis-Henri GRAFFARD – Nominated by Francis-Henri GRAFFARD). 

It is with all honesty that I can say that Anthony has all the qualities of the perfect traveling lad. He is very meticulous, he is courageous, he is respected by his colleagues and has a great pride in his runners. We regularly win the best turned out prizes at the races. To top it off, he's also an excellent rider! I have total confidence in Anthony's work which allows me to be less present at the races, I know that the work will be well done, he’ll be perfectly presented and he is excellent and polite at welcoming owners. I regularly receive compliments on the seriousness of Anthony and his presentation, which is fantastic. - F.H. GRAFFARD

Stud Staff Award: For those who work in the breeding sector and have proven their competence, dedication and reliability, as well showing good horsemanship, the ability to adapt and be strong team player.

Séverine SOLNON (Employed by Haras des Preux – Nominated by Jean-Michel OLIVART).

Séverine is able to assume the daily life of the stud alone, in an organized manner ensuring the essentials and also that the finer details are taken care of; the horses are well looked after and their well-being considered every day, those which are presented or returned to their owners are always well-groomed with their mane done and their feet trimmed and oiled. Séverine has an amazing personality, in six years of professional life at the studs there has been no day without a smile! In an environment that is known for its bubbling and passionate side, her personality ensures safety and serenity to all those present including customers and horses. - J-M. OLIVART

Pascal VERON (Employed by Haras de Meautry – Nominated by Nick BELL).

Pascal started with us as a groom but it was obvious that he would win a promotion very quickly. He became responsible for the stud yearlings, many of which became Group winners. Today, Pascal is responsible for all the horses - yearlings, mares and foals. He is present at all foaling and deals with sick horses. - N. BELL

Christophe LOUVEAU (Employed by Haras du Petit Tellier – Nominated by Patrick CHEDEVILLE).

Mr. Louveau started at the stud in early 1991 as ground staff. He rose through the ranks over the years to become head lad in 2005. He’s an excellent worker, always present and demonstrating good horsemanship. Christophe is attentive and rigorous, and he has steadily progressed over the years to take more responsibility. Christophe is a valuable and reliable collaborator and a wonderful addition to our team. - P. CHEDEVILLE

Godolphin is honoured to sponsor the prizes for all categories. Winners, finalists, and teams associated with the winners and finalists will be rewarded at the awards ceremony Saturday, 24 November, at ParisLongchamp Racecourse.

The winner of the Newcomer Award category will receive a wonderful, all-expenses-paid, five-day trip to Dubai including a day at the races, visit to Zabeel Racing Stables and the Dubai Equine Hospital.