Godolphin Lifetime Care

We foster a global ethos of caring and, whether they are top performers on the course, parenting the next generation at stud or retirees pursuing new careers, all our horses are assured of high-quality, compassionate attention.

Godolphin Rehoming

Our rehoming programme has allowed us to find wonderful homes for some special friends as well as promoting the versatility of the thoroughbred to the wider equine world. Many of our thoroughbreds go on to successful alternative careers once their racing days are over.

Our partners


In 2016, Godolphin initiatives resulted in the creation of IFAR, the International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses. 

As an advocate for best practice in thoroughbred aftercare, the forum comprises leading racing administrators, expert veterinary advisors and dedicated aftercare professionals. Godolphin remains a keen supporter of IFAR’s work.

Au-Delà des Pistes

The Au-Delà des Pistes charity launched in 2016 with Godolphin as a founding partner and is at the heart of French racehorse welfare. Its aim is to raise awareness of the versatility of retrained racehorses and to ensure they are placed in appropriate environments.

Treo Eile

Treo Eile is a Godolphin initiative that aims to be the umbrella body for the retraining of racehorses in Ireland, championing their versatility and promoting thoroughbreds for second careers. It will connect thoroughbred owners with retrainers who can help their horses make the transition to another career, while also joining riders with experienced coaches and trainers. Treo Eile will also compile an easily accessible list of all events for ex-racehorses and create a useful events calendar.

Old Friends Japan

Racehorses spend their lives working hard for us so we’ll do all we can to make sure they have the best retirement possible! That’s the promise of Old Friends Japan which rehomes former Champions and prepares them for second careers on beautiful parkland in the Hiruzen Highlands. Supported by Godolphin, the charity promotes the importance of horse welfare through staging events and enabling people to get up close to these wonderful animals.