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The Godolphin Winning Line Challenge

For the past five weeks, Godolphin employees worldwide have been running, walking, swimming, cycling or riding as many miles as they could to raise money for COVID-19 charities, and help keep everyone active and healthy.

The target was ambitious – the aim was to cover the number of miles connecting Godolphin locations across the world, a total of 28,300 miles starting and finishing in Dubai.

The Godolphin Winning Line Challenge ended on Friday, 26 June and not only did they meet the target, they managed to get all the way around the world again! The final mileage recorded by the teams in Australia, Dubai, Ireland, Japan, the UK and the US was an astounding 67,165.

Every member of staff who signed up donated and several thousand pounds will now be distributed between each region’s chosen charity.

Hugh Anderson, Managing Director of Godolphin UK and Dubai said, “While the primary aim of the Godolphin Winning Line Challenge was to raise money for Covid-19 charities in each of our regions, coming together as a team with a single aim was also very much at the heart of this.

“I never doubted that the team would rise to the challenge, but to surpass our goal by so far is absolutely fantastic and I am very proud of everyone who donated and took part.”

In the UK, staff raised money for the Newmarket Festival COVID-19 fund (, while in Ireland, funds will be divided between Friends of St Brigid’s Hospice (Kildare), St Francis Hospice (Blanchardstown) and South Tipperary Hospice Movement.

The teams in Australia raised money for their local homeless, domestic violence and mental health services, plus meals on wheels. Meanwhile, staff in Dubai, Japan and the US donated to Riding for the Disabled, local facemask supplies and the Team Kentucky Covid-19 Fund respectively.