Meet the class of 2018

Meet the class of 2018

MohammedMardoodread more

Mohammed studied aviation engineering, from which he graduated with a bachelor's degree of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology and now works as an aircraft engineer for Emirates. He has lots of ambition to achieve more to support his country and the youth, with the hope of giving them the motivation to chase their dreams and influence them so that they can explore the world. Mohammed has always been passionate about horses and is interested about competing as an endurance rider.

AliAl Jaffalread more

An aspiring mechanical engineer and recent graduate from the American University of Sharjah, Ali wishes to pursue a goal that will enable him to use his strong organizational skills, educational background and ability to work well with people. He has participated in many cross-country show jumping events and helped to organize multiple endurance activities. Ali also represented the UAE in the 2017 Jiu-jitsu Grand Slam world championship event, wining 3rd in his category. He is inspired by art and poetry and likes to focus on his work, potential and positive energy to pursue a prosperous future and rise to every challenge.

KholoudAlhosaniread more

Kholoud recently graduated from Zayed University and is now studying for her master’s degree in Global Governance and Sustainable Development at Middlesex University, Dubai.
In her spare time, Kholoud is a keen showjumper and has been riding horses since she was eight years old. Her passion is so great that she recently purchased an ex-racehorse, re-trained the horse to perform a new discipline; showjumping, and together they are now competing. Kholoud is looking forward to learning from industry experts during her time on the Masar Godolphin program, increasing her knowledge and experience further.

AbdulazizAl Nooriread more

Abdulaziz graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from The American University of Dubai.

Passionate about horses from an early age, Abdulaziz applied to join the Masar Godolphin program to learn more about training and breeding.

AliaAlobeidliread more

Prior to university, Alia proudly competed at national and international level as a high jumper for the UAE athletics team, earning gold, silver and bronze medals for her country. She is a graduate from the American University in the Emirates, where she studied Law.

Alia is thrilled to join Masar Godolphin to learn all that there is to know about horses, from racing to training and the anatomy of the horse. She started riding at the age of 10 but had to prioritize her athletics career and studies, the perfect timing of the Masar Godolphin course will see her happily return to the saddle.

LamyaAl-Aliread more

Currently studying Architectural Engineering at the University of Sharjah, Lamya’s passion for horses began when she started riding lessons, aged 12, and was highlighted when she was selected to lead the National Day parade on horseback at school. She is looking forward to embracing her equestrian heritage and experiencing the unique world of international thoroughbred horseracing and breeding, as part of Masar Godolphin.

NoorAlfalasiread more

Noor holds a Master’s degree in Science and is currently working at Dubai Safari, having spent a few years working with Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF.

An ardent supporter of conservation and animal welfare and behavior, Noor’s passion for nature, wildlife and learning led her to become the first Arab female to set foot in Antarctica (2007), making her an official polar ambassador. Her passion does not stop at wildlife, she avidly participates in equestrian sports, owning her horse for six years now, practicing horsemanship work and show jumping.

SultanAlSuboosiread more

Sultan AlSuboosi is a student at the Canadian University of Dubai, majoring in Human Resources.
Sultan’s interest in the equine field began when he was a child and he grew up with a desire to learn more about horses and he didn’t hesitate to accept when offered a manager’s position at Al Aasfa Stables in Dubai. Sultan is looking forward to challenging himself, through Masar Godolphin, to learn more about his passion: flat races and thoroughbred horses.

FatimaAlBadiread more

Fatima is a graduate of International Studies (specialized in Culture and Society) from Zayed University, Abu Dhabi. She has a strong interest in cultures, voluntary work, horses and arts and is a watercolor artist and a freelance videographer with a love for capturing memories in videos and photographs.

Fatima’s interest in horses started from an early age when she took only a few riding lessons at Al Ain Equestrian Club, but because of school and other commitments she didn't have the time to be more involved. She is now very excited and looking forward to having to opportunity to fulfill this interest with Masar Godolphin, to learn more about horses and the unique horseracing industry.