The Godolphin Story

Godolphin is the expression of a passion. It begins with one man's passion.... It continues as one team’s success.

As a boy His Highness Sheikh Mohammed was captivated by the power, elegance, speed and grace of horses. As a young man, he and his friends rode bareback races on the sands of Jumeirah Beach.

But this is also a shared passion.

Every modern thoroughbred traces its beginnings to Arabia and the original Arabian stallions that came from East to West - one of which gives Godolphin its name.

The love of horses is in the DNA of Dubai. As the city has grown, the passion for racing has grown with it. The same pioneering spirit that you see in modern Dubai is felt in Godolphin, constantly looking forward, relentlessly innovating.

Today Team Godolphin span across four continents, from our home in Dubai to Europe, Australia and America. Every one of us dreaming, planning, working - doing everything in our power to discover, nurture and train the perfect horse.

Racing is the ultimate team sport. Godolphin is the expression of a shared global passion - for the speed and beauty of these magnificent animals.

The Race For Excellence