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Announcing the winners of the 2018 Trophées des Courses et de l’Elevage

Almost a hundred nominations were received for the third edition of the Trophées du Personnel des Courses et de l’Elevage, sponsored by Godolphin and organised by France Galop. 

On Saturday, 24 November 2018 finalists went forward in the six categories (Rider/Groom, Administrative, Leadership, Newcomer, Dedication to Racing and Stud Staff).

The nineteen members of the judging panel, presided by Veronique Verva (Equidia), announced the winners of the 2018 edition, in the presence of Diana Cooper, Godolphin’s Strategic Advisor for Charities and Lisa-Jane Graffard, Godolphin’s French representative, as well as Jean-Pierre Colombu, France Galop Vice-President. 

This was the first time the Awards ceremony was held at ParisLongchamp Racecourse, opened earlier this year, and it was an emotionally-charged evening, particularly at the announcement of the Employee of the Year which was awarded to Pascal Veron.  

The winner of the Employee of the Year prize is selected from the winners of the other categories, with the exception of Newcomer category.  

Surrounded by their families, friends and colleagues, the winners were recognised and rewarded for the passion and dedication with which they carry out their roles working behind the scenes in racing and breeding. 

A huge congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. 

Winner of the Rider Groom Award:

Aude Duporté (Employed by Gianluci BIETOLINI – Nominated by Laura DELL’ELCE).  

Aude got her riding license at the age of 16 and went pro at the age of 20. Dedicated, serious, involved and conscientious; Aude joined Bietolini’s stable almost four years ago and became part of the team very easily. She is a mainstay of the team and wears many caps, whether trackwork rider or jockey and has a great sense of organization for the smooth running of the yard in general. -  L. DELL’ELCE

Winner of the Stud Staff & Employee of the Year Awards:

Pascal Veron (Employed by Haras de Meautry – Nominated by Nick BELL).

Pascal started with us as a groom but it was obvious that he would win a promotion very quickly. He became responsible for the stud yearlings, many of which became Group winners. Today, Pascal is responsible for all the horses - yearlings, mares and foals. He is present at all foaling and deals with sick horses. - N. BELL

Winner of the Administrative Award:

Christine Dutertre (Employed by Haras du Mezeray – Nominated by Charles Henri de MOUSSAC).

Starting in 1984, Christine has already spent 34 years of her professional life at Haras du Mezeray. Whatever the sector of activity, such a long collaboration is rare. Over the years, she has become a pillar of our company. Her professional involvement, her initiative, her open-mindedness, her versatility and the flexibility she has shown on certain occasions and the firmness she handles with discernment make her a collaborator endowed with broad skills and very valuable for the entrepreneur. Within the stud farm, Christine is responsible for the administrative and the commercial, areas in which the rigor and responsiveness she asserts every day to her position are paramount qualities. Thanks to her responsiveness, Christine faces the management of the unexpected with positivity and optimism and without ever departing from her good mood. - C.H. de MOUSSAC

Winner of the Dedication to Racing Award:

Mélodie Bailleul (Employed by Madame BERNARD – Nominated by Madame BERNARD)

If I had to find an image to define the passion and self-sacrifice of our stable staff, it would be a picture of Melody. What motivates Melody and makes her an essential part of the team's success is her closeness to horses, her professionalism, her kindness and her dedication to horses and other stable staff. She is a person who deserves to be discovered. - Mme BERNARD

Winner of the Leadership Award:

Jean-François Eudes (Employed by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER – Nominated by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER). 

Jean-François immediately found his place in the team and took to his head lad role right away, working with a team of 16 to 18 people, the students of the AFASEC and horses (60 to 70). Versatile to my methods and my organization, he ensures the care and the daily supervision of the horses, ensures the quality of the work at the stable and the continuity of the training in my absence. A calm character, he listens to the team and can act as a relay between the staff members and myself. Punctual, available, he does not count his hours and favours a quality of work, both riding and in the stable, and I have total confidence in him. - T. DEMEAULTE XAVIER

Winner of the Newcomer Award

Vincent Hector (Employed by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER – Nominated by Thomas DEMEAULTE XAVIER):

Vincent’s dynamism, his desire to learn and his motivation immediately gained my respect, and with confidence I accepted him for an apprenticeship. While applying, Vincent expressed his desire to go on trips and become a travelling-lad. Taking advantage of the experience of the other members of the team, very receptive and open, he discovered the management and the travelling of racehorses, during transport (stud, veterinary, races) and during race meetings. Today, his seriousness allows him to travel alone, I do not hesitate to entrust him with this responsibility, and tomorrow why not, abroad. - T. DEMEAULTE XAVIER