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What is RSS?

RSS is a way of receiving information from your favourite websites without having to repeatedly visit them to see if any new content has been added.

Think of RSS as your regular newspaper or favourite magazine – delivered to your computer.

Magazine and Newspaper


Order your newspaper from the newsagent, or place a subscription for your favourite magazine

When visiting your favourite website, you notice there’s an RSS feed link

The postman or paperboy delivers and posts it through your letterbox

An RSS Reader is like a letterbox. If you’ve not set one up before, see below for advice*

The paper or magazine lands on your door mat

Headlines from your selected feeds arrive on your landing page

Open the magazine / paper

Click on the link if you are interested

Go through the contents page to find what you are looking for

Go straight through to the news story

Read the article that interests you

*To continue the analogy, first you need to get an “RSS letterbox”. Known as an RSS Reader, there are many different ones available – some free and some paid-for. Because different news readers work on different operating systems, you’ll need to choose one that’s right for you. A really simple way to do it is to ‘personalise’ your Google homepage.


Mac OS X



  • Internet Explorer 7 or above (This is an automatic RSS letterbox that delivers your subscribed RSS feeds to your Favorites Center - see below)
  • Mozilla Firefox

Once you have a reader, subscribe to the RSS feeds that you want to receive.

The RSS feeds you’ve selected, including the Godolphin feed, will then appear in your reader as they are published to their respective sites.

Internet Explorer 7 or above

If you’re using Internet Explorer 7, the RSS Feed button in your toolbar will automatically light up when a website offers RSS feeds.

Click on the icon to view the RSS feed specific to the page you are visiting, or use the icon’s dropdown menu to see all of the website’s RSS feeds, then select the one/s you wish to subscribe to.

When you click the Subscribe button, the feed is automatically added to your Favorites Center and to the Common Feed list for sharing with other programs.